Upstate New York Stereotypes

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I can’t believe it has been over a month since the last time I wrote. I suppose it’s good that I’ve been so busy, but I really want to put my all into this blog at the same time. I wasn’t quite sure how busy I was going to be around here, I thought most days would consist of coming home from work and being bored. I’ve been spending my time by going to the gym and hanging out with some new friends. I decided to put the home renovations on hold for a bit, but I would still love to share with you what I’ve been up to instead.

Along with a new gym membership and some new friends, I also gained some new knowledge about Upstate New York. Just like Los Angeles has its stereotypes, New York has its fair share too. I brought it to my friend’s attention that my whole neighborhood is full of big houses and barns, and he told me how common it was across Upstate New York as a whole. I mean, these houses are huge, and they have a lot of land! Seeing some of these houses made me think of the kind of house I hope to have when I have my own family. As much as I love L.A., I don’t want to start a family there. I hope to have high and decorative ceilings, like the ones from Archways and Ceilings, rustic furniture and a three car driveway. There I go about house plans again, didn’t I say I was going to take a break from that for a bit?! Well, I think this counts as my moving process. I’m learning new things about my home.

Anyway, I then started to tell him about my old L.A. apartment and how much I missed it. He replied with all the typical L.A. stereotypes, like “everyone in L.A. is vain,” to prove to me that New York is better. Of course, L.A. will always have my heart, but I couldn’t help but laugh along. After he completely butchered L.A., I made him share some Upstate New York stereotypes with me. If I’m going to live here for a while, I might as well know what’s said about it.

Here are some of the stereotypes of my new home:

1.People who live here love the cold. (People here don’t complain about it, but they don’t LOVE it)

2.If you’re not a hippie, you definitely have a little bit in you.

3.We’re all obsessed with Wegmans (Well, I’m even sort of already obsessed)

4.We’re jealous of those who live in New York City, so we love to tell people we live in N.Y. without distinguishing Upstate.

5.Upstate is nothing but cows.

I found these a little funny!

I’ll be back soon for the next blog post with more about my moving process.

Here’s a video!

Getting Used to New York

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The Famous New York Experience

I have come to the realization that no matter how much I unpack and decorate, I am not going to feel like a true New Yorker until I get myself out there and experience what New York has to offer. Living in upstate New York has its perks, but there is so much more to this state that I am always hearing about, such as NYC and Long Island. Last weekend I took a little road trip with one of my friends who has been living in New York for quite some time. He showed me around and made me try all the famous New York foods, like pizza and bagels. FYI, it’s all true! New York pizza and bagels are amazing.

During our trip, we spent some time in the city visiting all the obvious places, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Bryant Park, and a few of his other favorite locations. I absolutely loved the hustle and bustle of New York, but I’m not entirely sure if I could live there. We will see what the future holds. After enjoying the city, we made our way to Long Island to join his family for dinner. New York City and Long Island, a perfect trip!

During our time on Long Island, we made some stops as well. Of course, we had to go to the beach. It wasn’t the best of choices weather wise, but last Saturday was actually quite sunny during the day. Just threw on a hoodie and my hat and I was good to go. It was also another excuse for me to bring out my artsy side. I took some great photos.


After the beach, we kind of just drove around. It’s so much different than driving around upstate or in the city. When you drive upstate, you see miles and miles of open fields, especially where I am. When you drive in the city, it’s rough. Taxis everywhere, people walking when it says not to and the sound of horns stays with you even when you leave. We passed all different sorts of places and businesses, but there was one that got me thinking. It was a Long Island Web Design Agency called Huemor. It got me thinking about my creative side, this blog that I’m writing on right now and possibly having a website created to display my drawings and photos. I’m pretty busy with my job right now, but I hope this is something I could do in the near future. Maybe one day I could even sell some of my pieces from the website. For now, I’ll keep exploring New York, I’ll keep drawing, and I’ll keep taking photos. I think I am getting used to living in New York! :)

Do you have any favorite places in New York?

For more about Huemor, be sure to watch this video:

Time for Decorating: Coming Close to Finishing!

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It has been a while since my last post, but I’m sure you guys figured out that I’m still busy with this move. Moving isn’t a one week deal, it takes a while before you actually feel settled in and even longer to actually be done. All of the most important things are out of the way, but the apartment isn’t quite me yet. Unlike my drawing book I told you guys about in my last post, my walls are pretty empty. I’m an artistic person and I totally appreciate great art, but I don’t want to hang up my own drawings, it just feels a little funny to me.

I’ve been looking online to see if I could find something to spice up this place and it hasn’t been too difficult. I came across a few different pieces of wall art that I’m thinking of ordering. I haven’t had too much time to go to the stores around here, plus I still don’t know which ones are best, so why not online shop?! While my favorite color is red, I have to say I enjoy all colors. I don’t want to stick to specific colors in my new place, I don’t feel like committing to a specific theme. I decided to keep the walls neutral and do some pops of color throughout.

I plan on getting a red coffee table, so when I saw this painted wall art  I thought it was perfect. When my red coffee table gets beat up, I could opt for a blue or yellow one. I also think this metal wall decor is cool. Depending on which one I get, I’ll find an area rug that matches it. The website I came across, Rug and Home, is actually a rug warehouse. So it makes sense to order one from there while I am at it. It’s small steps, but I’m getting somewhere. check-list-1150080-640x745

I hope to post some pictures of the finished product, but for now I hope my descriptions are helping you imagine my plans. Do you guys have any advice that will help make my home feel like mine? It may just be that I’m still trying to get comfortable, but I do think ordering some art will do the trick. Keep checking in to see what’s next on my list…


I’ve been looking around for different videos to help me out as well, here’s an interesting one about hanging wall art:

Day Three: Starting to Feel Like Home

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It's chilly, but it is gorgeous.

I’ve finally started to unpack the boxes. I figured that after doing so I would feel more at home. One of the first things I pulled out was my drawing book. Of course, this made me want to sketch something up, but I couldn’t take a break already. I promised myself I would continue to unpack for at least two hours, and then I could treat myself to a little sketching session. Right now my drawing book is full of scenes from California beaches and sights from my apartment building of the city. I think it’s time my drawing book changes along with the changes I’m making. But first, I’ll tell you how my two hours of unpacking went.

I made it my mission to find my Bluetooth speakers so I could at least listen to some Foo Fighters in the process (by the way, any FF fans did you see what happened to Dave Grohl?). My speakers weren’t so easy to find, but luckily my sweatshirt was. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the temperature control is impossible. Today’s weather is chillier than I am used to, so calling a technician is officially added to my list of things to do. I added it to my list and continued unpacking.

It's chilly, but it is gorgeous.

It’s chilly, but it is gorgeous.

Almost two hours later and all of the important items are out of its boxes. Right now I’m more concerned with the comfort of the home, rather than the aesthetics, but I’m making moves and starting to feel more and more excited about this new stage in my life. This two hours has actually helped me to feel organized and at ease. I thought I’d be very nervous by this point, considering I start my new job in less than a week, but for now I am just feeling happy.

Before I started the sketching I promised myself, I decided to research technicians that could help me with my heating unit. Luckily, I have some family in NY. I called on them for some advice while researching and they recommended the company that they use for  heating issues and HVAC maintenance check ups. I called them and it felt great to cross something off my list. So I have officially earned sketching time, right? I think so.

I turned to a fresh page in my drawing book and didn’t quite know what to do from there. I wasn’t going to draw something from inside my unfinished home, so I decided to go outside. Living in upstate NY is definitely different than being in a busy city, but it does provide a beautiful landscape to sketch. There aren’t many other homes too close to mine, instead there are open fields and open roads. This is what my first NY sketch consisted of. With the bright blue sky and the green all around, I was pretty impressed with the final result.

Maybe after my house is truly ready, I’ll do some more traveling around my town to see what else there is to sketch. Stay tuned for the rest of my moving experience, how my new job goes and what I end up sketching next. There’s lots to come!

And, when I have my little art studio set up I can scan in some sketches properly. For now you can watch this Dave Grohl video.

I HAVE ARRIVED or I’m Sitting Among a Bunch of Boxes; Now What?

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boxes boxes

So, folks, this is it. Here I am, in my little property in this quaint neighborhood. Alone amongst the moving boxes, I suppose I should catch up with you all, if anyone is actually out there. First, let me share with you what “Upstate” is. Apparently, if you live anywhere that is not Manhattan, New York City you are upstate. I think if you don’t live here, you don’t realize that. I, however, live here now! Thankfully, I arrived at my New York home shortly before my things did from the moving van. Despite every assurance to the contrary, there’s that little part in the back of my mind obsessing over the idea that my possessions might never reach their destination. Anyway, I suppose the first thing I noticed when I finally stopped to take a break just now is how quiet it is compared to my old L.A. apartment. The absence of blaring car horns and revving engines is one thing I weirdly find myself missing right now. It’s pretty quiet in the open lands of upstate New York.

Nonetheless, I’m excited to be here in the Empire State. Getting used to being in a new area will certainly take some time. It’s pretty late now, but in the morning I need to start unpacking. When I mentioned the boxes earlier, I meant only boxes; I’m sitting here between “kitchen appliances” and “winter clothes”. The only unpacked item right now is the slowly unfurling air mattress, and the tiny motor attached to it is whirring louder than it has any right to be. And my laptop of course.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

boxes boxes

As you might guess by the air mattress, my place isn’t exactly furnished either. I still need to fill in all those big household items, a real bed included. Basically, I have plenty of things to do.

It’s strange, compared to this new house, my old L.A. apartment was really a shoebox. The problem I guess is simply that this doesn’t feel like “home” yet. There’s plenty to love about this new place, but it still has plenty of quirks (read: old or broken stuff) that need adjusting or fixing. The quirks haven’t quite reached “endearing” for me yet.

Quick example of one of the more lovely “quirks”: it seems that temperature control in here doesn’t function properly. No matter how I toy with the settings on the dial, there hasn’t been a real effect on the temperature within the house. As you can imagine, this is a definitely a problem. Of course, it’s not as dire as needing AC in the summer, but the weather will still fluctuate enough in the winter months that I’ll need some kind of heat.

But I digress. I have my quibbles, but in the end it’s what I signed up for. There are plenty of things to do in the morning. Now however, my bed is just about done inflating, so I think it’s time to wrap things up for the night. ‘Til next time, folks!